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ayu ashari

ayu ashari

His name never scandalize. That's because the hot scenes she did in the film Outraged Fugitive, 1994. Landing in the film director Anthony Roberth that, Ayu Azhari doing fuck scenes in the bathroom with Frank Zagarino. But, when playing in Indonesia, the scene was much reduced. 

Notes so that "black" Ayu. But, the achievement of which he seems to disappear achieve the black notes. 

Original name Siti Khadijah. Born on 19 November 1969. Djodi Gondokusumo first husband. Divorced from first husband, married to Ayu Mohammad Yusuf, Finnish origin, and to four children. 

Ayu its career as a photo model. In 1985, he began to play the film. Teguh Karya mengorbitkannya that. Joint Theater Top Ayu participate staging theater Marriage Blood (1986). Movies dibintangi include: Perkawinan Siti Zubaedah (1997) referrals Teguh Karya; Outraged Fugitive (1994), Oeroeg (Netherlands), Java Burn, telegram. When pop private television, in demand Ayu main sinetron. Even including the artist berhonor expensive. Sinetron Noktah in Red Perkawinan production Rapi Film showing Indosiar, perhaps akting Ayu make the mother households fall in love. In addition to the melodrama sinetron, Ayu also play in sinetron children, Bidadari, and sinetron comedy, Putri Duyung.

ayu ashari
ayu ashari

Many of the award shall achieve it, including best actress at the Festival Sinetron Indonesia (FSI) in 1996 and FSI 1997; nominee as Audience Favorite Actress (Panasonic Award) each year since 1997. Surprisingly enough, in the Asia Pacific Film Festival to-46 this year 2001, Ayu was chosen as best actress in the film role on the wire, landing Slamet Rahardjo Djarot. That happens in the film while still terpuruk. 

"Let me achieve that gift is to be the revival of a film for many years terpuruk," Ayu said in his speech. 

Besides playing movies and sinetron, Ayu also to a recording of the song production Ski Record. ''I am happy, even though this is not the first recording for me,''said Ayu at the launch at start Restaurants C & R Jakarta. 

Outside activities as artists, it was a social activity: the head of the Foundation for Al-Azhari, Bintaro. The Foundation, established with his brothers that aims help orphans and street children. If this does not necessarily scandalize.

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